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Paris, November 22, 2003, Nouveau Casino, Disco D makes dance a room of 700 people in a few minutes. It connects outward journeys returns to platinums and with the microphone, the BPM are raised, the directed words sex, the public does not return pas…d’où from there comes this music?

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Let us explain initially what one feels while listening of the booty bass. You are pushed by an irresistible desire to move the feet, the buttocks then all the body. The fast beats make you go from top to bottom, of the words well sex, it is that the spirit, you very included/understood.

Clark presents a musical kind to you coming from Detroit Michigan. There remained underground with US but starts to strike the spirits of our with dimensions of the Atlantic.


The style indissociablement owes its origins with the social context and a broad musical culture. Detroit knew the emergence of the style booty and s’est always distinguished for its single style in the history from the music, from the pioneers of the soul of Motown, the rock'n'roll of the stooges and to the godfather of the techno (Juan Atkins, Derrick may, Kevin Saunderson). After an important economic advancement at the beginning of the century, the capital of the car in the States Unis (Motor City) sees its factories closing, of the racial riots burst in 1967 and into a generation, the centre town is transformed into urban ghetto deserted by the easy white class.
The framework is planted, Detroit is an extreme city. A largely majority population black, a ghetto, the centre town in a ghostly decoration, dilapidated, since the factories and offices were delocalized. In the throne medium ironically the tower General Motors and around, saunter the tramps.

Not astonishing whereas the population seeks to forget this sad truth and what could be better than the music for helping there.
One is in 1995, the techno blows oneself in Detroit, the principal producers and djs left the city to concentrate on the European or Japanese public. Remained the musics urban, rough, funky: hip-hop, Jungle, electro, Miami bass. The inhabitants of the ghetto and the suburbs meet every weekend for called local festivals "Cabaret". An organizer rents a room, a wharehouse, finds djs. The watchword is "bring your own liquor and smoke" bring all of which you have besoin… The deejays play indifferently, house, techno, bass, hip-hop, everyone dances and shows what it can do.

The force of the music of Detroit was built thanks to the waves.
Some djs emergent of the "Cabaret style" and obtain engagements on two concurrent radios: WJLB and WDRQ. They develop their own style and mix: Chicago ghetto house (one speaks again about it further), magnet (in the direction magnet hip hop produces in Detroit, Direct Beat, Dopplereffekt, Ectomorph), techno, Miami Bass, jungle, hip-hop and R&B. Urban musics combined with the very technical style of the deejays whose mixture will be called booty or ghetto. The pioneers name Gary Chandler, DJ Zap, DJ Fingers, Wax tax' N DRE.

The booty is then a kind, a style of mix and some producers will launch out in the manufacture of pieces. The first "tracks" are inspired by Miami Bass.
Very popular in the titty bars (clubs of strip), this style comes from traditional Florida and mixture the éléctro such as Cybotron, Afrika Bambaataa "Planet Rock", with raps evoking as well the festival, the sex, the movements of the dancers who stir up the buttocks or the motors adulterated with enormous sounds systems. Groups like 2 Live Crew, Luke Skyywalker, Splack pack had a great success with Detroit.

In 1996, leaves 1st 6 volumes of a mixed compilation "Straight up Detroit Shit", in which Ade Mainor and Craig Adams alias Mr. OF and DJ Assault offer to us an anthology of mixed titles with 170 bpm. The partners of the time incorporate in it their own pieces which will leave under their labels Electrofunk records and Assault Rifle. These maxis are sold like rolls in l’inner city of Detroit. Their pieces are remarkably produced in particular thanks to the talent of Mr. OF and with the tchatche of Assault. Certain titles will become the traditional ones: Ass&titties, Sex one the beach, Terrortech, of true "ghetto anthems".

In parallel, DJ Godfather, DJ Starski and DJ Dick melt the labels twilight76 then Databass in 1994. They leave a quantity maxis varying magnet bass on Twilight76 and booty on Databass.
All one clicks is formed, the booty is in full boom. The label produces several artists of which DJ Nasty, 313 Bass Mechanics. A scene emerges and is made known in Europe since 1999, thanks to the notoriety of DJ Godfather and its talents of dj. It mixes its discs with the manner of a dj of DMC, double, scratchs, beat juggling, its repertory is impressive.
Aujour' today, Rap and R&B are omnipresent. The discs which leave inspire some with more recognizable words and by samples by its public. The kids are found for battles of local dance called "Jit", an existing style of breakdance since tens of years with Detroit. It sticks perfectly with the high rate/rhythm of the music.


If Detroit had very imposing passed soul, Chicago east it so major thanks to the Jazz, the Blues and Gospel. In this great musical tradition, the American blacks of Chicago will bring their style. House is not long in being born with with dimensions the d’un more commercial style, the Music Jack (Jack Master Funk, Marshall Jefferson) and of the harder pieces, Chicago Trax (Mike Dunn, Steve Pointdexter and its "Work That Mutherfucker"), during Techno of detroit.
House Music is an institution aujourd’hui, but in the ghetto, the music is in constant evolution, a generation after l’autre the productions advance. At the beginning of the Nineties, the kids of the ghetto want innovation and House with their image with a spirit "street" which connects them to their environment.
They s’appellent Funk, D-Man, Deeon , Wax, Jearld and at 15 years buy machines SP1200, MPC… and of platinums. They are made the hand in the block left, basement the parts, park left. Deeon sells its cassettes in bottom of sound project (equivalent of the HLM in France) of Southside and this conceited person servant boy has a beautiful reputation. D-Man returns in the charts with " Dooky Booty ". Funk goes to Ray Barney, the boss of the label Dance Mania and sells 6 titles, its vinyl s’appelle "Trax Ghetto" , c’est to him a hit and gives the name to the kind.
Westside, Southside, all the kids buy tapes…Waxmaster, Jammin Gerald attract more and more world in their evenings. In a large evening, Waxmaster plays with dimensions of Thomas Bangalter, who has impressed being; because the piece " Teachers " of Punk Daft, on their influences, quotes at least ten Ghetto producers of Chicago.
Deeon with its homies, Slugo and Milton form Freak Mode in Low End, the south of Southside. In their evenings, the girls put the buttocks to be l’air and the dance group as Hous-O-Matic instigate the shows with footwork (station-wagon dance local).
On Dance Mania, they are perhaps now 50 producers to want their share of the cake and remixent all that is hot, Biggie, Tupac, Master P, Do gold Die and the stars local of the rap like Triple Darkness… Young people as Nehpets arrive. It knows Paul Johnson well and an afternoon, parce qu’il is sick, passes to Paul and lays his " Lay It Down ", traditional which is always played Detroit.
L’histoire s’arrête not there because a new generation arrives with its style, Juke. And c’est another thing, not of balance in the ghetto. Thadz launches the trick and Lil’ Juke Man, his/her 8 year old cousin, makes already its clean tracks.


Booty starts to strike the spirits of our with dimensions of the Atlantic, it is times will say unquestionable because that made 10 years that that exists. The problem is simple: people seek eclecticism in the evenings then when this sound is heard, it is like a snap. One returns to the gasoline even of a good evening, pieces new and original, funk, the girls who thus dance the guys also dance, of sweat, the cries and everyone returns well accompanied with the sharpened directions. Orgasmic, DJ of including all taxes which itself distils some booty tracks in its mix, was not mistaken there by attending these evenings...

In Paris, only Serge Nicolas and Célina Seng, well-known for their evenings Paradise Massage which join together the fine flower of techno of Detroit, from DJs booty such DJ Godfather or DJ Assault make come episodically. Fortunately one clicks was given for mission of insufflating this spirit with the greatest number. Based in Paris, Family Werks made up of is impassioned long date by all the styles of music ghetto. Three deejays of this crew: Ghee-signal, Ice Kid and DJ Koyote accumulated an impressive collection of discs of "ghetto style". Thanks to voyages to US (Detroit, Chicago, New York) they established relations with the scene booty. Each one with its characteristic and its own influences.

Ice Kid

Paul Johnson propels it in this universe into 95. Dice at the time, it seeks of Dance Mania everywhere where it goes. Beyond with dimensions House or tracky of the label, it understands that the Ghetto style represents something of vaster. DJ Boogie sends to him some mix into 97 and that did nothing but reinforce its convictions. It is put at mixer seriously and develops its style with discs of Detroit. Finally, it makes the voyage to Detroit and Chicago to meet producers and to bring back two documentary.

DJ koyote

It starts with mixer of the techno of Detroit 7 years ago then enriches its sets by magnet bass and ghetto house. Party food in England 3 years ago, it fall on a mixtape from Disco music D which confirms it on the fact of devoting itself entirely to the booty. In its mix, the mixture of the kinds is a king and scratchs, pass-pass and beat juggling bring an added value. At the time of a voyage in Detroit last spring, it binds friendship with Djs and producing buildings.

Ghee Top

What matters most is eclecticism. Thanks to a technique inspired of the Dj's of Detroit and its hip-hop influences, its selections are astonishing. Its sets are largely decorated of Miami Bass and of electro, he knows his traditional. Lately, it incorporates of "Dirty South" in its sets.


Joined Family with the re-entry, it implements its talent of monteuse to assemble 3 hours of projection for the Booty evenings. It also takes part in the assembly of documentary and of the reports on Disco D and DJ Funk with Ice Kid. But Amismo had already a solid experiment of monteuse of institutional films, short film and subjects TV. Painting is as a field as it affectionne. Amismo brings the image to the band its of Family. It takes part in the implementation of a Ghetto esthetics.

Together, they are invested in the promotion of the culture ghetto by the means of various projects: a novamix on radio nova last December, the realization of documentary videos turned during the summer 2003, the diffusion of their mix at all the good record dealers and especially the organization of evenings. They are permanently in the search of new places, friendly promoters if you are interested, do not hesitate to contact them.


Text by: Jean-Marie Derquer, Jean-Marie Jéhanno, Alexandre Lotz.


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